Security system

img accueil securiteIn a world where traditional technologies evolve very rapidly, information technologies play a key role in all domains. AD3R is characterized by its capacity to implement, integrate and support with cocsistency the solutions and technologies related to computin, networquing, data security, security, control and communications.

Strong with a wide ranging experience and connected to the evolution and the integration of technologies, AD3R will develop with you and will take charge of your entire technological infrastructure (from the computing to the control and security systems) while you can focus on your priorities.

A partner, a vision, a consistent and integrated management of your infrastructures.

Our services comprise activities such as:

  • The installation of perimetric systems for detection of intrusions and alarms indications on walls, fences and roofs of buildings
  • The installation of electronic systems for doors control
  • The programming of automats, graphic interfaces and data bases
  • The Installation of monitoring systems by cameras and intercommunications
  • Data bases design
  • Installation of instrumentation systems and industrial controls
  • Technical consultations.

Call us to discuss the best solution for you, an estimate will be prepared without any obligation on your part.

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