Commercial and institutional

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To ensure a fast and efficient access to your business or to ensure the fluidity of an entry with high traffic. We are able to offer you a solution adapted to your environment.

The three main solutions selected for commercial and institutional entries are:

Automated swing door

A door operator installed on a standard swing door with security detector, will open the door on presence detection, to avoid users having to open the door. This solution is applicable only if one door is dedicated to the entrance and another is dedicated to the exit.

Automatic sliding door

Automatic sliding doors are probably the most used solution to ensure access to different types of business. This solution ensures an excellent fluidity of circulation. Often integrated into a curtain wall, they can also slide on the surface of a wall. These doors are manufacture custom-tailored according to the desired opening.

Revolving door

Available in automatic or manual mode, the revolving doors ensure an energy efficiency in addition to a great fluidity of traffic flow. Elegant and efficient this type of door is more and more used in the institutional and commercial fields.