Condo Buildings

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Over the last few years we have mainly carried out three types of projects in condominium buildings.

Installation of sliding doors for the main entrance of several condo buildings

We installed sliding doors for the main entrance of several condo buildings. Sliding doors provide easy access for users and add elegance and prestige to the main entrance.

Motorization of the doors giving access from the garages to the elevators

In order to facilitate the opening of the doors separating the garages from the elevators, we have installed door operators with push buttons on these doors. Residents often have their hands charged, and these doors are heavy. By pressing the push button the door operator opens the door. This simple solution is convenient and highly appreciated by residents.

Adaptation of access for residents with restricted mobility

To allow access to residents with restricted mobility and facilitate access for all residents. We have installed door operators on the existing main entrance doors, the garage doors giving access to the elevators, as well as the entrance doors to the condos of the residents with limited mobility.