Automatic swing door operator

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Automatic door operators allow you to automate your existing doors simply and efficiently.

Adding an automatic door operator to your doors facilitates access and circulation inside your building to the great benefit of all. Here are some common examples:

  • Allow people with limited mobility to access your building more easily.
  • Allow users to open the door by simply pressing a button. This function is very popular for entrance doors and access doors to garages in condo buildings especially.
  • Allow your customers to enter or exit your building by simply pressing a button.
  • Allow doors to open without touching anything, with the addition of touchless buttons, a very popular feature since the outbreak of COVID-19.
  • Allow to automate the opening of high-traffic doors in a store and ensure smoother traffic flow.

Horton offers a wide range of automatic door operators that can adapt to all types of swing doors, new or already in place. Horton door operators are recognized for their great robustness, longevity and ease of adjustment. Horton offers two series of automatic door operators: the robuste 7000 series and the heavy-duty 4000 series.Find below the main categories of automatic door operators with links to technical information and shop drawings.