Revolving door systems

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Horton revolving doors offer a spectacular look, while ensuring excellent energy efficiency and great pedestrian circulation. The doors are available in a multitude of configurations in manual or automatic mode. Contact us for more information.

You can also follow the link below to technical information and architectural   drawings.

Automatic revolving doors

Automatic revolving doors are ideal for high traffic flow entrances. Highly energy efficient, these doors ensure smooth and safe rotation.

Manual revolving doors

The manual revolving doors allow you to have the spectacular look and energy efficiency of an affordable revolving door. In addition, these doors require a minimum of maintenance.

Security revolving doors

Horton revolving security doors can be adapted to different security levels.  They can be used in places requiring the highest security levels as well as for standard security levels. These doors will prevent and control unauthorized entry into secure areas. A wide variety of options are available; such as bulletproof glass, double pass protection, and more.

Ballistic revolving doors

Revolving doors are available with ballistic protection. The level of bulletproof security meets UL standards. The resistance has been tested to stop the type of projectiles most frequently used in armed robberies.