Sliding doors

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Horton offers a complete range of commercial, industrial and specialty sliding doors. Horton doors are known for their strength, reliability and elegance. Given the wide range of products and possible configurations, do not hesitate to contact us, in order to ensure you make a choice which will meet your needs.

Here are the main categories of sliding doors with links towards technical information and architectural drawings.

Commercial sliding doors

Profiler Series 2000B Belt Drive

The Horton-exclusive drive systems feature a slim 102x152mm (4″ x 6″) header that allows for a flush installation to 102 mm (4″) jambs and quick header-to-jamb fastening with no header end caps required. This results in attractive sight-lines with hair-line joints.

Series 2003 heavy duty

Ideal for high traffic applications, this heavy duty belt drive door system is engineered to provide long life and quiet operation.

Series 2500 Élégant all glass frameless door system

With frameless styling, the Elegant® door system showcases your building’s inner beauty while offering the advantages of automatic operation and energy efficiency. Supplied with 12mm (1 ⁄2″) tempered glass.

Series 2001 Heavy Duty (Large commercial or industrial) – No equivalent on the market

Developed for use with large commercial and industrial doors up to 227 kg (500 lbs.), this system is engineered with a high capacity header, heavy duty power train and breakouts. An optional 1 ⁄4 HP motor is available to accommodate extreme requirements.

Series 2003T Télescoping

This system is ideal for automatic sliding door access in narrow passageways, effectively increasing the opening width more than 35 percent. Available in single or bi-parting configurations.

Automatic door operator for patio door

Horton has developed a unique but little-known product.  A door operator for standard patio door.  Based on a technology developed for sliding doors, the door operator is surface mounted on the top frame of a standard patio door.  Combined with a wireless remote control, a button or any other opening device, this system turns your patio door into an automatic door!

Specialized doors

Series 2000-IDS-2 Airborne Isolation Infection Rooms (AIIR)

Designed where a hospital anteroom is required, the automatic 2000-IDS-2 is in compliance with the 2014 FGI (Facilities Guidelines Institute) guidelines for Airborne Isolation Infection Rooms (AIIR).  Includes touchless sensor or push plate activation with automatic self-closing and positive latching.

Lead lined –X-Ray room – HD Slide series 2001LL

Lead Lined Heavy Duty Sliding Door System with Electric Belt Drive Operator.  Unit is surface applied and is available in single slide and biparting configurations.  UPS Battery Back-up is standard with optional Autolock & leaded Vision Lite.

Blast resistant sliding door

Designed to meet the US Department of Defense United Facilities Criteria (UFC), the ProSlide Blast sliding door is your solution for addressing the following military requirements: UFC 4-010-01 anti-terrorism standards for blast resistance ASTM F2248-03 standard practice for specifying an equivalent 3-second duration during design loading for blast resistant glazing fabricated with laminated glass.

Automatic – Clean room

Series Ultra-clean Atmosphérique I (ISO 3)

Designed to meet ISO 14644-3 Class 3 Cleanroom applications. System available in the single slide configuration, surface applied or mounted within wall opening.

Series Ultra-clean Atmosphérique II (ISO 5)

Designed to meet ISO 14644 Class 5 Cleanroom applications. These systems are Ideal for cleanrooms air showers and pharmaceutical applications.

Series Ultra-clean Stérile

The UltraClean Sterile is ideal for very low particulate applications such as food preparation facilities. Systems are available in single or biparting configurations, surface applied or mounted within wall opening.

Automatic – Industrial

Rapid slide Thermacore Panel

Horton Automatics RapidSlide® industrial system is ideal for very large openings in industrial settings.  Thermacore insulated steel door assembly as 610 mm (24″) modular sections with metal/foam/metal construction.  The door is available in single or double version.

HD-Slide Industrial with flush steel door panels

Surface applied industrial package for large openings. Systems are available in single or biparting configurations.